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What is Payiyo?

Payiyo is a blockchain-based technology organization that provides crypto pos service and payment solutions to businesses and individuals who want to receive payments with Bitcoin.

Why Payiyo?

Payiyo; It is distinguished from its competitors and other payment methods thanks to its features such as easy setup, simple payment facility, multi-factor security infrastructure, convenient commission rates, and no chargebacks. Thus, it has taken its place among the most preferred payment methods of businesses.

How do I get paid with Payiyo?

After integrating Payiyo easily to your website, your customers pay for the product they will buy with Bitcoin in their wallets. Payment amount is calculated by converting from the store currency to Bitcoin. Payment transactions of your customers are automatically confirmed. You do not need to take any additional action or follow the approval status.

How can I integrate payiyo into my website?

To integrate Payiyo into your website, you must first make your application on our website. If our teams are positive as a result of their evaluations, our technical team will provide the appropriate links and integration documents for your website, and provide the necessary assistance to integrate quickly. You can also set up instantly with our ready-made plug-ins for WooCommerce, Opencart, WHMCS and WiseCP.

How can I withdraw my account balance?

After the payments you receive from your customers are confirmed, you can transfer them to your own wallet at any time from our store panel.

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